Use SAP Fiori 3 & Neptune Software’s RAD Platform together to deliver a fully branded application suite towards your internal & external users alike

Watch hands-on how we implement the new Quartz Theme, how to customize layouts and fonts, do updates on launchpad and menu, how to use design systems and building  blocks; and a twist on making SAP Integration Cards easier – all available for you with minimal effort for your IT team and amazing business outcomes. Experience Fiori 3 as a baseline to providing and implementing design systems.

We showcase in 7 videos how to create a toolset that makes it easy to implement branding guidelines that consist of:


**The Webinar recording was over 2 hours, you can see each individual part of the session below in chronological order.**

PART 1 | Fiori 3 - How to Implement it faster with Neptune DX Platform [8min]
  • Discover what SAP Fiori 3 represents in terms of design guidelines and major new concepts and components
  • How does Neptune Software implement Fiori 3 faster and easier
  • A segway for the upcoming video series featuring important links to the in depth tech videos that will follow
PART 2 | Fiori 3 - Branding & Design Systems (Themes, Layouts & Colors) [45min]
  • Design Systems consist of a combination of Themes, color schemas, role base layouts, custom Iconography and fonts.
  • Another fundamental part of the design systems are data driven widgets, cards and building blocks that provide enriched UI and data driven and controlled.
  • This section covers the fundamentals of design systems including themes layouts and color schema


PART 3 | Splash Screens [6min]
  • As part of the design systems implementing splash screens are integral parts of the first contact with a brand from an end user perspective
  • See how to build fully branded splash screens with any code available


PART 4 | Custom Fonts [8min]
  • As part of the design systems implementation, fonts are often the differentiator for a brand - together with logos and color schemas
  • See how to add custom fonts to enterprise applications and launchpads in an easy and straightforward way


PART 5 | Custom Icons [16min]
  • Iconography is part of the design language of many of our customers
  • They are the quintessential way to represent words through a simple image
  • See how to add custom icon libraries to the Neptune DX Platform and how to use them in applications and launchpads


PART 6 | Integration Cards using ABAP & API Factory [30min]
  • Cards are one of the key features of Fiori 3 and modern design languages
  • In the case of Integration cards, by nature, they are JSON driven
  • With Neptune Software, we make it possible to generate and run both, the metadata and payload of Integration cards with just ABAP and without doing one line of JSON
PART 7 | Neptune Software's API Factory [21min]
  • A new key component within Neptune DXP provides access to all business functionality “locked up” in your ERP | S/4 system in a secure and reliable fashion
  • This helps to integrate with other systems (e.g. SAP solutions with a non-ABAP technical stack), provide users access to this business functionality via REST API, Swagger and UI5/Fiori UX
  • Develop new (mobile) solutions that combine this business functionality with other data/services
  • Expose all custom and standard ALV reports, function modules, ABAP Classes and Open SQL statements as RESTful APIs 

To have a look at the presentation from the initial webinar, please click here.

If you want to see the full 2 hour webinar session, you can watch it here.

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