Webinar: On-Demand

Learn how to configure and deploy your company’s Mobile Client

Watch our latest tech session, to discover the topic of Mobile Client and Progressive Web Applications - what it is, why it’s needed and how it benefits your app development. A Mobile Client is the mobile version of a launchpad. It allows you to build an app for mobile with PhoneGap or Cordova CLI. If you have specific customization requisites, you can build your own hybrid mobile client apps by using a Mobile Client - and we show you how. Otherwise you can, without any effort, configure it as a PWA and run seamlessly online & offline in desktop and any mobile OS.



Duration: 30 Minutes

Presented by: Neptune Software Technical Team

What You'll Discover

What is a Mobile Client & the importance of choosing one

No Re-Deployment, Authentication Features and Layouts

Discovering a hybrid approach & progressive web apps as an alternative

Meet Your Favorite App Development Experts

Hendrik Haase

Pre-Sales Engineer for Neptune Software 

As a trained IT specialist for application development, Hendrik brings with him several years of experience in C#, as well as a team leader position in the development of shipping software. Currently, in his role as Pre-Sales Manager (at Neptune Software GmbH) Hendrik is part of the interface between development and sales. He accompanies partners and customers from the first demo, through installation, onboarding and workshops to the support of app development projects realized with the Neptune DX Platform. He has a love for webinars, energy drinks and some good cooking.

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