Is your RETAIL BUSINESS ready for the CHANGE ahead?


The events of the past few months have likely changed your entire business, IT Projects have been put on hold, yet the strain on your back-office systems and e-commerce systems has never been more intense.

Businesses are now desperate for quick wins and solutions to their immediate problems. Most of it needs to be done with limited resources, but must also impact your bottom line quickly.

Join this quick 30-minute Webinar session to understand how a leading European Retailer unlocked the power of data, reduced reliance on expensive software solutions & extensive IT Services while mobilizing business processes to react quickly to changes in the market.

Discussion Points:

  • Optimize your business processes and improve user experience on a tight budget
  • Provide your business with the tools they need to innovate quickly to meet the changes ahead
  • Improve performance to meet the demands of e-commerce
  • Extract more value out of your existing systems without expensive upgrades or new solutions
  • How Microservices, Cloud and Low-Code are fundamental to driving value


*If you cannot make the date or are in a different timezone, no worries! Simply sign up and we will send you the recording of the webinar.*


Learn how to protect your core IT systems whilst flexing to meet business demands with a low code platform

How can a low-code, rapid application development platform help

How to provide mobility, streamline processes & increase profitability to futureproof your business and react to changes ahead


Thomas Psaropoulos - Solutions Architect

Thomas invents and simplifies end-to-end technology driven solutions, helping companies raise their bar to satisfy their customers. He brings over 20 years of experience building solutions for the Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing and Finance industries using ERP and Cloud Native systems.

Rob Shropshire Neptune Software

Rob Shropshire - Sales Executive, UK & Ireland for Neptune Software

Robert advises businesses on how to unlock the power of their existing systems and processes through the use of the Neptune DX Platform. Predominantly, he is focused on helping businesses optimize business processes, integrate workflows and improve the overall user experience for their employees and their customers.

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