Elevate your developer skills with Low-Code app development - it's so easy!

Topic: How to Empower ABAP Developers
When: On Demand
Duration: 45 min.
75% of all business transactions in the world go through an SAP system at any given point. Many companies have been using SAP for years. Historically, this has meant huge time, money and resource investments in custom code and ABAP development just for upkeep of these outdated systems.

We stand by our mission: empower IT departments to drive business results! This time, we want to empower ABAP developers and show you how to elevate your developer skills with rapid application development.

Enjoy our ABAP session - from developers for developers! Make use of your ABAP developers and transform your legacy custom development - ALL with the help of a no-code/low-code solution like Neptune Software's. 

In this webinar, we'll show you:

  • How we can help to develop and deploy Fiori Apps easily without the heavy coding
  • How to also do frontend as an ABAP developer
  • How to create a normal ABAP Class as your data source, use one of Neptunes' interface out of the box solutions, and expose your ABAP Class as a data source
  • How to design the ABAP Classes when it comes to Online Apps, Offline Apps, as well as Hybrid Apps
  • A live demo of Neptune DXP's Low-Code in action

Join our ABAP webinar to hear about the challenges that ABAP developers face when it comes to implementing Fiori Apps for their enterprise.



What can you take away from this session

See how easy it is with Neptune DXP to develop data sources using SAP ABAP Classes

Developers can create Fiori Apps and Restful APIs from ABAP Classes

Discover how to design the ABAP Classes when it comes to online apps, offline apps and hybrid apps

Meet your Neptune Software Experts

Avinash Ambalgi

Senior Development Consultant for Neptune Software

Avinash comes with more than 7 years of experience as an ABAP Developer, after which he took a leap in his career with Neptune Software to help his fellow developer community with Neptune DX Platform that has been a boon to developers. In his current role, he is always on front-line to onboard the developers onto Planet Neptune, helping partners and customers to understand the platform and make the best out of Neptune DX Platform possible.

Hendrik Haase

Head of Presales for Neptune Software 

As a trained IT specialist for application development, Hendrik brings with him several years of experience in C#, as well as a team leader position in the development of shipping software. Currently, in his role as Head of Presales (at Neptune Software) Hendrik is part of the interface between development and sales. He accompanies partners and customers from the first demo, through installation, onboarding and workshops to the support of app development projects realized with the Neptune DX Platform. He has a love for webinars, energy drinks and some good cooking.

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