Bring OCR into your Neptune DX Platform World of SAP Apps


By integrating Anyline via the Neptune DX Platform, app creators can bring the power of OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) to market at lower development cost and spending fewer resources on each application project.
With the easy part done, automating your processes with SAP Apps can bring your project to the next level. In this exclusive webinar, our long-standing partner Fink IT-Solutions will demonstrate how having an integrated data exchange with SAP can bring a huge power to your digitization project. 

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Companies presenting:




Overcome the challenges of a fully SAP integration

Run offline on iOS, Android and Windows devices

Integrate SAP digital processes with easy-to-use and modern surfaces


Daniel Dorst - Chief Technology Officer at Fink IT-Solutions

With more than 10 years in SAP consulting, Daniel took over the department for SAP future technologies at Fink IT Solutions. After experiencing some tough times implementing SAP Fiori with SAP standard tools, he found a new way to serve customer needs for mobile apps with Neptune DXP in a more efficient way. With his team for S/4HANA and mobile solutions, he is helping existing and new customers on their way to mobilize SAP processes and optimize their business. With a strong focus on future technologies, a lot of interesting stuff is going to be evaluated for use in business environment – get ready for the future with Neptune DXP!

Thomas Mörtl-Zimmerer - Senior Sales Manager at Anyline

Thomas Mörtl-Zimmerer is a Senior Sales Manager at Anyline. He has over 10 years of experience in business development and sales, across multiple industries, including manufacturing and construction as well as more recently in the tech and software industry.  At Anyline, Thomas brings together these experiences to help businesses digitally transform their processes with innovative mobile scanning technology. Working closely with customers, Thomas helps to identify gaps within their digitial transformation projects where data capture could support further optimization.

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