See how to easily connect SAP to any 3rd party system with our app development platform 

 Many businesses don’t realize their 3rd party systems' true potential due to integration issues – how to easily connect SAP to a CRM for example. Imagine if your SAP-centric core systems could manage every basic business process AND work with non-SAP systems like Salesforce.

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Complexity is the enemy of rapid app development.
A unified approach to data supply can cut through the complexity and leave your IT teams free to build apps at pace rather than engaged in costly and time consuming rework or maintenance.
Companies considering a holistic 360-degree approach need to couple their existing landscape with a cloud solution –connecting SAP to Salesforce.


A RAD / low-code platform can make the difference to find ways to modernize, optimize and cut the time it takes to deliver new apps.
With the Neptune Software DX Platform, IT teams can develop and deploy all apps within a hybrid architecture consisting of SaaS solutions like Salesforce, SAP cloud platform and on-premise core systems like SAP S/4HANA.
As a result, businesses are equipped with new, easily developed applications that digitize the workplace across desktop, tablet and phone, even offline.
Neptune Software’s RAD platform connects all your systems via API integration, following a strict API-first strategy to ensure unified data supply.
A single hub allows data to flow freely in real-time, so your IT team can build the SAP Fiori apps that will drive your business forward.
We show you how we use Neptune DXP to build a 360 view of data that is SAP based and NON-SAP based. A live demo within our own SAP S/4HANA system on how we connect SAP to Salesforce.

Topics of interest to you in this webinar

Unify data access for SAP and other 3rd-party systems for a better unified User Experience

Deploy on-premises or in any popular cloud environment

Users don‘t have to worry about where data is coming from, or where new data entries belong

Rapid Application Development / Low-Code help to unify data points easily

Accelerate SAP Fiori app development

API-first architecture that couples with turnkey integration for any SAP NetWeaver ABAP system

Demo on how to develop an app and how it would look within your own system

Showcasing within our own SAP S/4HANA system how we connect SAP to our CRM (Salesforce).

The unification of user experience, accessing contacts, process-based view of your IT landscape and visualization of everything from Salesforce and your SAP system.

See a back office and front office customer portal that has data coming from SAP and NON-SAP systems.

Meet Your Favorite SAP Integration Experts

Helder Goncalves

Global Head Go-To-Market for Neptune Software

With a extensive experience in Enterprise software development and mobility in tier 1 customers world wide, Helder is enabled to reach a broad insight on enterprise mobility and its challenges. Focus on solutions, through building a strategy and architecture on a Multi Cloud environment.

Hendrik Braun

Pre-Sales Engineer for Neptune Software

As a trained IT specialist for application development, Hendrik brings with him several years of experience in C#, as well as a team leader position in the development of shipping software. Currently, in his role at Neptune Software Hendrik is part of the interface between development and sales. He accompanies partners and customers from the first demo, through installation, onboarding and workshops to the support of app development projects realized with the Neptune DX Platform. He has a love for webinars, energy drinks and some good cooking.

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