See how No Code enables business & IT to drive real results

A quick session for both camps - Business & IT - showcasing a complete no code orientation next to low code and pro code offerings.

On Demand Webinar Recording

Complexity is the enemy of rapid app development. And in a world of API-based collaboration models, we want to empower ANY developer and IT team - from the software engineer, to a lightweight (ABAP) developer, all the way to the business [developer].


Watch our No Code webinar recording with Neptune Software's CTO and co-founder, Ole-André Haugen himself, discussing Neptune Software's new no code offerings and what it entails compared to low code and pro code.

See how you can:

  • leverage your full business process know-how and
  • configure business rules,
  • adaptive apps and BI process flows,

all with the help of the Neptune DX Platform (DXP).

No Code Topics of Interest to You 

Business Rules Engine & Adaptive Framework

Neptune DXP features for No Code, Low Code and Pro Code and its differentiation

Process driven app development for Business vs. UI driven

Meet Your Favorite "no/low/pro" Code Experts

Ole-André Haugen

Chief Technology Officer for Neptune Software

Co-founder, CTO and Board Member of Neptune Software with 25 years of experience as a tech entrepreneur in the SAP market. When Ole-André isn’t helping drive innovation in the Enterprise market, he is a loving husband and father of two strong and independent women.

Helder Goncalves

Global Head Go-To-Market for Neptune Software

With a extensive experience in Enterprise software development and mobility in tier 1 customers world wide, Helder is enabled to reach a broad insight on enterprise mobility and its challenges. Focus on solutions, through building a strategy and architecture on a Multi Cloud environment.

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