Hear how Repona made efficient and secure handling of digital article information at Bergendahls Food

For retailers, standardized and validated item information is vital to ensure an efficient supply chain and a secure digital offering to their customers and consumers. 

Watch this 30-min Swedish webinar on how Bergendals Food has developed an app with Neptune Software's rapid application development platform for verification and validation of received article information and updates in its SAP system. The Swedish retailer is now able to offer secure handling of article information, an improved user experience, and a more efficient workforce through mobile apps.

Discussion Points:

  • How to easily get started with a faster and better app development
  • How mobile enterprise apps can improve site productivity and optimize their Supply Chain
  • How Neptune Software unlocks the value of your existing SAP system and optimizes your workforce


The Potential of a Rapid Application Development Platform to transform secure handling of article data

How a mobilized workforce helps optimize your Supply Chain

How to provide mobility, streamline processes & increase profitability


Hans Montelius - CEO at Repona AB

Hans Montelius is CEO at Repona AB and has worked with SAP for over 25 years. At Repona, they have developed an app they have named "competence app". In it, all their consultants register their different SAP competencies and the degree to which they possess them. Then it is searchable for everyone else at Repona. If one of their consultants is asked on an assignment about a specific competence, they can quickly see if it is within Repona and if so, who to contact. Hans shows how the new competence app brings value to their customers.

Morten Petersen - Nordics Manager at Neptune Software

Morten Petersen is Territory Manager for Nordics at Neptune Software. He has extensive experience in mobility and network architecture, which he has used around the world for the past 15 years. He returned to Scandinavia in 2019, living in Stockholm, and now helps companies get the most out of their IT landscape and investments. Morten shows companies how they can easily get started on a journey that in a short time will lead to flexible and responsive IT departments that create real value for their business. The focus for him is to mobilize aged workforces with unsuitable work tools without the need to invest heavily in new resources.

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