What are Application Building Blocks?

This video gives you a Back to Basics on Building Blocks and how they benefit your enterprise app development.

Get to know what Building Blocks are and how to use them, as well as how to create your own Building Block(s) and share them with the community. See how to make the best out of your Rapid Application Development cycle.

Enjoy a quick 15min hads-on Tech Session on how to use Building Blocks in app development, how to upload your own Building Blocks and how the Neptune DXP Store comes into play. Our host Christoforos will show you live how to use Application Building Blocks to increase the speed of your development using a chatbot as an example.

Key Takeaways

How to use an individual or multiple Building Blocks

Discover our Application Building Blocks Store

How to create and share your Building Blocks within the Neptune DXP Store

Discover more about Application Building Blocks in our Neptune Software Developer Community.

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