How to create a great User Experience – build a holistic UX with PWAs, Launchpads and Hybrid Mobile Clients

It is easier said than done, but we’ll show you how you can easily build impressive mobile apps and PWAs with all the features and functionalities you need – all aligned with great user experience.

Watch our exclusive 15min tech session and dive with us into the features of a Progressive Web App (PWA), the advantages of using it compared with a Hybrid Mobile Client, and the different distribution methods of both.


  • See a short demo, showing a Neptune Software App running on iPhone as a PWA. 
  • We’ll showcase scanning a barcode to filter your products, and then take it simply offline, too. 
  • You'll discover the difference between a PWA, and a Hybrid Mobile Client, when they are used, and how they play into using a launchpad.

What Are Your Key Takeaways

PWAs' capabilities are constantly improving, and today have near feature parity with native applications

How PWAs are much easier to distribute and get running compared to Hybrid Mobile Clients

Hybrid Mobile Clients offer extra features, such as the ability to use different authentication methods

Discover more about UX and rapid application development

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