Low Code for SAP Fiori – what’s possible?

How to use low code to develop a brand new app with application building blocks based on SAP Fiori design.



Duration: 30 Minutes

See low code in action, especially for ABAP developers!

To develop SAP Fiori apps you can either use SAPUI5 or our low-code toolsets - and since we are the most-native application development platform for SAP use cases - we give you both worlds.

The idea is to reduce the amount of custom code as much as possible, so developers can focus more on the processes and functionalities of the application itself.

For team members without extensive coding knowledge low code provides the opportunity to have others participate in the design of applications or even create their own applications, too.

Since we are talking low code, it will get a bit technical but don't worry, you’ll understand everything and see how easy it can actually be with the help of our low code toolset.

Your Key Takeaways

Versatility and the flexible use of the applications

New flexible layout and designs (incl. light & dark layouts)

SAPUI5 vs. Low Code

Get the most out of your Launchpad with integration cards and PWAs

We show you how your "old" apps shine in new light

Discover our low code App Designer for SAP Fiori app development

Concept of 'Application Building Blocks' & how it helps low code app development

Launchpad use and deployment (PWA)

Meet Your Favorite SAP Fiori Expert

Helder Goncalves

Chief Product Owner at Neptune Software 

With an extensive experience in Enterprise software development and mobility in tier 1 customers world wide, Helder is enabled to reach a broad insight on enterprise mobility and its challenges. He focuses on solutions, through building a strategy and architecture on a Multi Cloud environment.

Lloyd Trevarthen

Go-To-Market Specialist for Neptune Software 

Lloyd brings a fresh mindset to the world of no-code/low-code app development, striving to help empower users with the best functionality and user experience, across everything he develops. As part of Neptune Software’s global Go-To-Market team, he enjoys working with the developer community and inspiring other tech-minded people to reach their common goals. Lloyd always brings a positive, light-hearted attitude to the table - and even if you might just see him behind a computer screen, you can also find him dancing the night away to some drum and bass music at summer festivals!

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