Discover our new features, functionalities, and a new look and feel for your SAP Fiori Apps that come with Neptune DXP - SAP Edition 21.06 Innovation.

With the DXP 21.06 Innovation release, you get a lot of new features and some minor bugfixes. Important bugfixes have been added to the 6.0.x product line over the past months. All the important bugfixes from 6.0.x are of course included in the DXP 21.06 Innovation release. Grab a coffee/tea and watch our video to get the full picture.

Unified Neptune DXP Developer Experience

Data Model Transformations

Cache Buster

UI5 themes support

AppCache.Load in stand alone apps

Light & Dark theme tile configuration

Master Client Configuration

External Alias Support

Analytical Integration Card

Tile Background Image

System Status Widget

UI5 Version Widget

Cockpit Documentation

Click here to see the official release notes in our developer community.

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