Your missing puzzle piece: How Microsoft Power Platform customers can connect to SAP backends

Discover: The universal SAP-Connector for Microsoft Power Platform

When: Wednesday, May 29
Time: 11:00 am CEST // 11:00 am EDT
Duration: 45min

What happens when two leading low-code platforms meet?

You get SAP-centric no-code/low-code app development with Microsoft Power Platform and Neptune DXP! 

Join us for our exclusive webinar with special guest - Holger Bruchelt from Microsoft - to see how you can quickly connect to all business functionality in your SAP backend systems (e.g. BAPIs, ALVs) using Neptune DXP and Microsoft Power Platform.

We will demo how-to leverage the Microsoft Power Platform to develop apps that consume dynamically created interfaces (Open API / Swagger specs) via Neptune Software’s API Factory – all without having to write a single line of code!

You’ll see the benefits and productivity gains coming from:

  • Automatic type-safety
  • Data validation
  • Localization features


What you can take away from this session

By leveraging the custom connector functionality of Microsoft Power Platform you can create chatbots, automations and integrate with Microsoft Teams in minutes – in a pure no-code fashion!

Discover built-in features of our API Factory that make it the most versatile & robust universal connector to integrate with SAP.

Our unique positioning within the SAP architecture, running directly in SAP Netweaver stack, makes it possible, to not only build REST Microservices that are ABAP based but to also automate the REST API generation of other SAP artifacts.

Meet your no-code/low-code app development experts

Holger Bruchelt

Product Manager at Microsoft

Special Guest!

Holger Bruchelt is a program manager on the SAP Architecture team at Microsoft. Before joining Microsoft 4 years ago, he spent over 10 years with SAP, always working in the SAP & Microsoft integration area.

He loves working with customers and partners to bridge the worlds of SAP and Microsoft.

Matthias Steiner

Software Engineering

Matthias is a seasoned technologist with two decades of experience in the enterprise software business, specializing in SAP. He enjoys working at the intersection of engineering, product and strategy. He has earned deep respect in within the SAP ecosystem and frequently speaks at global software development conferences. Beyond his professional pursuits, Matthias is a dedicated father of four and part-time triathlete, and he aspires to become a true global citizen through his travels.

Thorsten Wolf

Product Owner at Neptune

Thorsten is an ABAP expert and development consultant at Neptune Software and works mainly on the further development of Neptune Software's SAP centric module. He inherited his passion for the ABAP world from his father and has continued to thrive on it. He completed his dual education with a bachelor thesis at SAP in Walldorf in Carsten Ziegler's BRF+ development team. In the course of this experience, he first came into contact with generic ABAP development and thus found his calling.

Jens-Uwe Gross

Director of Engineering at Neptune

Jens-Uwe is the Director of Engineering at Neptune. He leads with a dual focus on delivering exceptional DXP quality and pioneering innovations that keep Neptune customers at the forefront of their industries.

Prior to his role at Neptune, Jens-Uwe accumulated extensive experience at SAP, contributing both in-house and directly to SAP's customers. At his core, he remains a passionate software architect, adept at designing solutions and streamlining processes by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

The Microsoft Power Platform is a set of applications that allows enterprises to automate processes, build solutions, as well as analyze data. Furthermore, PowerApps is an application suite that allows customers to build custom apps for business processes in a short time, and in a low-code fashion.

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