How to operate in a hybrid architecture and manage complexity with ease

Why enterprise should have an evolving hybrid architecture strategy for digital transformation

Topic: Hybrid Architecture - The Best of Both Worlds
ON DEMAND - 40min

The idea of hybrid architectures is already in use within the business. Companies have systems that run in the cloud, on premise, and most of the time these are difficult (to not say impossible) to integrate with in an easy way.

IT teams face the challenge of a fragmented landscape, with a segregated front-end using multiple authentication methods.

In this tech session, we’ll show you how Neptune DXP can be a powerful tool to deliver a solid and unified front-end to a fragmented backend landscape - no matter if these are on cloud, on premise, or how many systems there are.

Hybrid architecture is a reality, and it´s the only way many companies can handle their processes. See how you can make the best of both worlds – utilizing many different applications and a platform to cover different business logic.













What you can take away from this session

Overcome the challenge of integrating various systems, along with unification and harmonization of the interfaces and authentication

Neptune can be the best ally in these scenarios: full integration through APIs, full orchestration of processes through different systems, and establishing one UX

See how Neptune can fit in any Hybrid Architecture through different sample scenarios

Meet your Neptune Software experts

Helder Goncalves

Chief Product Owner at Neptune Software

Helder brings more than 15 years of extensive experience in enterprise software and mobility to Neptune Software. His vision to provide an in-depth strategy for Multi-Cloud architecture, and enterprise mobility helps customers to optimize their goal achievement. Helder holds broad insights on SAP app development, tech expertise on product functionality.

His passionate and authentic leadership style helps the GoToMarket team in fulfilling their mission to bring the Neptune app development expertise to the market and push the low-code/no-code wave further.  When he’s not working, Helder enjoys a sportive lifestyle outdoors and a great home-cooked dinner with his family.

David Bartolome

Senior Consultant for Neptune Software

David is an eternally curious developer who enjoys new challenges and is always looking for new ways that technology can solve real-world problems. Before joining Neptune Software in 2019, David was the lead developer at Hitachi Rail, where he developed over 50 applications in his business. A long standing history with Neptune Software and SAP make him a great resource on all things Neptune DXP. He is fluent in Spanish, Italian and English - but moreover being a Buddhist at heart, he likes to keep calm and carry on.

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