Low-Code across SAP Scenarios

Enable Fusion Teams between Business & IT to deliver SuperApps fast with Low-Code/No-Code platforms

Topic: Low-Code across SAP scenarios to enable Fusion Teams and deliver SuperApps
DATE: Wednesday, June 15 | 11.00am | 25min

Low-Code/No-Code platforms are at the center of Gartner's Impact Radar for Enterprise Software. They are seen as a key enabler for Citizen Developers, Fusion Teams and SuperApps across SAP scenarios.

Join our session on June 15 to hear all about where low-code can take app development and provide IT with Superapps.

While the Fusion Team is a powerful concept, it needs the iterative process of design thinking, supported by a robust low-code platform, to bring developers closer to the business and the end-users, ultimately humanizing the user experience.

As a cohesive Fusion Team, SuperApps can be rapidly delivered across the enterprise.









What you can take away from this session

2/3 of all application development will be utilizing low-code or SuperApps over the next few years making it the most time-critical and disruptive trend in enterprise software.

Neptune can help enterprises bridge the gap between business and IT by turning your IT team from the gatekeeper into the enabler thus creating Fusion Teams.

Enterprises are navigating a sea of change from culture, to technology, to business models. Low-code platforms empower companies to gradually move from "here" to "there" and deliver tangible business outcomes in parallel.

Meet your Neptune Software experts

Matthias Steiner

Chief Product Officer at Neptune Software

Matthias is a seasoned technologist with 20 years of experience in the enterprise software business, focusing on SAP. A software engineer by trade, he’s now a product manager by choice. He enjoys working at the intersection of engineering, go-to-market, and product marketing. He is well respected in the SAP ecosystem, regularly speaking at international software development conferences.
A father of four and part-time triathlete, Matthias is a world traveler and aspiring global citizen.

Vincent Kruse

Country Managing Director, UK/Ireland

Vincent Kruse is the Country Managing Director of Neptune Software for the UK and Ireland. He has almost 20 years of experience in the SAP market, beginning his career as an ABAP Developer before turning his attention to the growing market of mobile and cloud technologies in 2013, receiving national and global recognition.

Vincent is a world leader in shaping SAP innovation agendas, having recently developed the core framework for a global sustainability platform to help Deloitte customers understand their true sustainability impact, on a global scale. He is driven by innovation, community and customer success. 

Russell Cox

UK/Ireland Sales Manager

Russell has recently joined Neptune Software from Deloitte where he worked in the SAP UK Practice.  The SAP Alliance is the largest Alliance for Deloitte in the UK and as part of the UK Alliance management team, Russell extensively developed the SAP UK ecosystem.  This resulted in strengthening the SAP Alliance, enhancing the value of the UK pipeline and ultimately increasing conversion with SAP and their clients.

Russell is also a busy in his personal life with 3 daughters to look after as well as having a passion for sport and keeping fit.  Russell enjoys swimming, running, cycling and football which includes being an avid fan of Tottenham Hotspur. 

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