Maximum SAP no-code/ low-code value!

Join us to learn about the added business value and new tech features
that we give you with the Neptune DXP22 LTS release
Topic: New added value Neptune is bringing to the market in 2023
When: On-demand
Session 1:
Neptune DXP22: Added Business Value
25 min.
Session 2:
Neptune DXP22: New Tech Features & Developer Functions
45 min.

Neptune DXP22 is here - we are excited to share all the innovative, enhanced, and added value you'll get!

Session 1: In the first business value-focused webinar, learn how Neptune is making it even more simple to cover any SAP business scenario and beyond.

Scale up your SAP application development by using no-code and power-up with event propagation across systems and processes that empower business users to act instantly to changes on any device. Increase end-user productivity by making onboarding simple and centralized around processes and not systems - all in a secure, mobile single point of access, a Superapp!


Session 2: In the second session, we'll dive into the tech world and focus on the new features and developer functions that Neptune DXP22 offers.

Discover custom components and how to build SAP Fiori UI5 applications with fragments of reusable components. Learn about Neptune's event-driven architecture for enhanced automation. Easily scale and distribute solutions across business units with Neptune's new Marketplace powered by GitHub. Abstract complex data endpoints into easily consumable data connectors to configure and deploy metadata-driven applications and democratize application development.

What you can take away from each session

Neptune DXP22's Added Business Value

Added Business Values

Neptune DXP22's New Tech Features and Developer Functions

New Features and Developer Functions

Meet your Neptune Software experts

Helder Goncalves

Chief Product Officer

Helder brings more than 15 years of extensive experience in enterprise software and mobility to Neptune Software. His vision to provide an in-depth strategy for Multi-Cloud architecture, and enterprise mobility helps customers optimize their goal achievement. Helder holds broad insights into SAP app development and tech expertise on product functionality.

His passionate and authentic leadership style helps the GoToMarket Team fulfill their mission to bring the Neptune app development expertise to the market and push the low-code/ no-code wave further. When he's not working, Helder enjoys a sportive lifestyle outdoors and a great home-cooked dinner with his family.


Morten Prom

Chief Design Officer

As an SAP User Experience Developer with expertise ranging from SAP and non-SAP web technologies, Morten is a developer with a focus on both the visual presentation on the frontend, and ABAP development on the SAP backend. As CDO his focus is on making SAP and non-SAP systems user-friendly. He has vast experience with various web services, SOAP and REST-based APIs, and most recently with the SAP Gateway.


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