Building SAP Fiori apps shouldn't be complicated

Find out how to do it with no-code/ low-code!

Topic: 10 ways to develop SAP Fiori apps easier
When: On-demand
Duration: 35 min.

Each new year brings fresh challenges, projects and goals for both companies and individuals alike. As we all can often relate, these are typically larger and loftier than each previous year.

SAP Fiori app development might sound complicated and daunting - especially when dealing with outdated systems and complex code. But with the right tools and tips, it doesn't have to be!

Join our webinar where we'll show you the 10 tricks and benefits of developing SAP Fiori apps easier with the help of Neptune Software - an easy-to-use no-code/ low-code enterprise app development solution.

We'll focus on how to reuse your ABAP code and generate APIs. We'll also show you easy tools to help you design and develop beautiful frontend apps. Plus, you'll discover many more ways to take your SAP Fiori app development to new heights. 

Neptune Software empowers IT and Business departments to overcome SAP challenges and create enterprise apps with ease. Enjoy transforming your SAP business processes into modern apps that save you time and money.




What you can take away from this session

Learn how to easily and simply create SAP Fiori apps with the help of no-code/low-code

Discover how to use any ABAP code to generate APIs that connect business processes

See how frontend app development is easier with Neptune's low-code toolset

Meet your SAP Fiori & Neptune expert

David Bartolome

Senior Go-To-Market Consultant

David is an eternally curious developer who enjoys new challenges and is always looking for new ways that technology can solve real-world problems. Before joining Neptune Software in 2019, David was the lead developer at Hitachi Rail, where he developed more than 50 applications in his business. A longstanding history with Neptune Software and SAP makes him a great resource on all things Neptune DXP. He is fluent in Spanish, Italian and English - but moreover, being a Buddhist at heart, he likes to keep calm and carry on. 


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