What NEW Neptune capabilities are making SAP app development easier today?

Topic: What's fresh with Neptune DXP in 2023?
When: On-Demand
Duration: 50 min.

Join us for an exclusive look into Neptune DXP's new capabilities and all that is coming in 2023! Join us to see how we are making app development easier with no-code/low-code for all SAP customers, both on premise and in the Cloud.

Instead of one big technology release per year (LTS - Long Term Support) - we are rolling out new features all year long - and we can't wait to show them to you!

In this webinar, we'll highlight exactly what is new and available today from the technology and business value perspective. Plus, we'll show you what else to get excited about in 2023. We want to address your needs and business cases immediately by delivering the solutions you need and want right away!

How? From the Marketplace and with the add-on framework we can provide you, for free, reusable components, Connectors to SAP, Salesforce.com, ServiceNow, SAP HANA DB and tools that are plug&play to your DXP without the need for upgrades - Neptune DXP does it all and makes it easier for YOU! There is no need to wait for that one big release each year any longer. Neptune's new features do not impact your Neptune DXP core and they require minimal regression testing of the existing artefacts. 


This webinar will cover:

  • Why Neptune DXP is the toolset that makes SAP simpler - it's that easy!
  • How Neptune enables faster, more flexible, and more user-friendly full-scale solutions
  • What new capabilities are making app development easier today (Add-On Solutions, Plug-Ins, Connectors - oh my!)
  • What to get excited for in 2023 with Neptune DXP's no-code/low-code offering



What you can take away from this session

Learn how Neptune DXP does what others don't and what sets Neptune apart in the SAP world

Discover new capabilities like Neptune Add-On Solutions, adaptive no-code framework, Connectors and more

See what else to get excited about with Neptune DXP in 2023 - technology + business value adds

Meet your SAP No-Code/Low-Code Expert

Helder Goncalves

Chief Product Officer

Helder brings more than 15 years of extensive experience in enterprise software and mobility to Neptune Software. His vision to provide an in-depth strategy for Multi-Cloud architecture, and enterprise mobility helps customers optimize their goal achievement. Helder holds broad insights into SAP app development and tech expertise on product functionality.

His passionate and authentic leadership style helps the Product Team fulfill their mission to bring the Neptune app development expertise to the market and push the low-code/no-code wave further. When he's not working, Helder enjoys a sportive lifestyle outdoors and a great home-cooked dinner with his family.


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