Unlock the power of low-code and drive digital innovation!

Topic: Simplify SAP App Development with Low-Code
When: Thursday, April 27th
Time: 11:00 am CET
Duration: 40 min.

Are you struggling with SAP app development and looking for ways to simplify it while driving digital innovation in your organization?

Join us on April 27th to discover how low-code can revolutionize your SAP app development approach, empowering you to do more with less in the digital age.

In this exclusive webinar, we will delve into the industry challenges and opportunities, explore how an easy-to-use enterprise app development platform can transform your workflows, and highlight the game-changing benefits of leveraging no-code/low-code to create the SAP apps you need, regardless of skillset.

But that's not all - the key ingredient to successful SAP app development is cross-functional collaboration, and we'll show you how it can elevate your results to new heights. With a live Neptune demo and inspiring success stories from our satisfied customers, this webinar is your ticket to unlocking the full potential of low-code to drive SAP digital transformation in your organization

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain invaluable insights and learn the best practices from our very own SAP expert!


What you can take away from this session

How to simplify and speed up SAP app development with low-code

Foster cross-functional collaboration between business and SAP key user

Create digital solutions that propel your business forward with quick time-to-market

Meet your SAP No-Code/Low-Code Expert

Magnus Ertel

Senior Pre-Sales Consultant

Magnus began his SAP journey in 2015, honing his skills in the crucial area of Code Security within SAP development approaches. With a wealth of experience in Pre-Sales, Sales, and Product Management, Magnus joined Neptune in 2022 and swiftly made his mark within the Pre-Sales team. He plays a vital role in fostering the seamless interface and collaboration between Product and Sales, showcasing the capabilities of the Neptune platform both internally and externally.


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