How to make SAP BTP simpler - combine Low-Code & Neptune DXP for easier enterprise app development!

Topic: Get more out of SAP BTP app development with Neptune DXP
When: On demand
Duration: 45 min.

SAP BTP is the foundation all of SAP's cloud services and products, as well as their recommended platform for custom app development. That's why understanding the capabilities is critical to success!

Discover how to get the best out of your app development with SAP BTP when combining it with Neptune DXP. Better, simpler, faster - see how to easily build and deploy apps with low-code in SAP BTP.

Join us as we explore how Neptune DXP can be used in combination with SAP BTP to enhance interoperability, mobility and usability. We will highlight how to make SAP BTP simpler - easily put: how to use low-code & Neptune to make this work for you!

This webinar is perfect for IT professionals that are looking to streamline and maximize their app development process, while making the most out of their SAP investments. See different use cases where combining SAP BTP and Neptune DXP will truly provide you added value for your app development.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the future of app development with SAP BTP and Neptune DXP. Watch it now!



What you can take away from this session

light bulb

Enjoy simple and faster app development capabilities and new opportunities when combining SAP BTP and Neptune DXP

bar chart

Discover business use cases and synergy effects when combining Neptune DXP and SAP BTP for your app development


Explore reference architectures and best practices and see why we are still the only low-code answer for SAP related use-cases


Meet your SAP BTP & Low-Code Experts

Matthias Steiner

Chief Strategy Officer

Matthias is a seasoned technologist with two decades of experience in the enterprise software business, specializing in SAP. A software engineer by trade, he's now serving as the Chief Strategy Officer. He enjoys working at the intersection of engineering, product and strategy. He has earned deep respect in within the SAP ecosystem and frequently speaks at global software development conferences. Beyond his professional pursuits, Matthias is a dedicated father of four and part-time triathlete, and he aspires to become a true global citizen through his travels.

Martin Fischer

Head of Product

Martin brings more than 20 years of know-how and expertise in the SAP ecosystem and 15 years of experience in SAP consulting to Neptune Software. With roots as an ABAP developer, he is passionate about enterprise software, SAP, software development, and architecture. Martin is active in the SAP community as a speaker, author, and podcaster. For him, bringing together people, processes, and technology to find the most effective way of working means that DevOps is always part of the SAP conversation. When Martin is not working, he is raising his two great kids and enjoying the great outdoors.


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