Low-Code power for streamlined Supply Chain digitalization, for SAP & beyond

Topic: Streamline your Supply Chain
When: On Demand
Duration: 35 min.
Most companies today are still working with SAP processes that are 15-20 years old making it impossible to keep up with the competition. Did you know you can boost efficiency and digitize your supply chain with low-code app development? We are keen to show you how!
Reduce management time, save money by going paperless and gain real-time visibility over all supply chain processes - it's all possible with low-code.
Join us as we explore how low-code solutions are reshaping the way businesses streamline operations and enhance visibility and adaptability in their supply chains. Discover actionable strategies and gain insights from industry experts, ensuring you stay ahead in the dynamic fast-paced business environment. 
Johnson and Johnson reduced high-volume supply chain processing time 40% with low-code app development and Neptune. They experienced a $1.12M annual savings by eliminating printed documents across 16 sites. 
Easier app development for your supply chain starts now - here is a taste of what we'll cover:
  • Digitization and Automation:
    • Learn how to leverage no-code/low-code technologies to streamline your supply chain processes. Plus, get insights into digital transformation strategies! And make use of IoT, RFID, robotics and even AI in your app development.
  • Predictive Analytics:
    • Gain real-time visibility into your supply chain and harness the power of big data analytics, machine learning, and predictive modeling.
  • Green Practices:
    • Discover sustainable supply chains and how to reduce carbon emissions and create environmentally responsible supply chain processes.
  • Risk Management: Uncover the secrets to building resilient supply chains that can withstand global challenges. Learn supply chain risk assessment, scenario planning and supplier diversification strategies.
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What you can take away from this session

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Empower Efficiency:

Revolutionize your operations with low-code's ability to swiftly design and deploy custom supply chain applications, driving efficiency gains and cost reductions.

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Elevate visibility:

Unlock a new dimension of control with low-code, providing you with real-time insights and analytics for granular control over every aspect of your supply chain.


Boost Adaptability:

Equip your supply chain with the agility and adaptability to weather global challenges. Fortify operations against disruptions, ensuring seamless continuity and sustained success.

Meet your Low-Code Experts

Martin Fischer

Head of Product

Martin brings more than 20 years of know-how and expertise in the SAP ecosystem and 15 years of experience in SAP consulting to Neptune Software. With roots as an ABAP developer, he is passionate about enterprise software, SAP, software development, and architecture. Martin is active in the SAP community as a speaker, author, and podcaster. For him, bringing together people, processes, and technology to find the most effective way of working means that DevOps is always part of the SAP conversation. When Martin is not working, he is raising his two great kids and enjoying the great outdoors.


Hendrik Haase

Head of Presales

As a trained IT specialist for application development, Hendrik brings several years of experience in C#, as well as a team leader position in the development of shipping software. Currently, in his role as head of Presales (at Neptune Software), Hendrik is part of the interface between development and sales. He accompanies partners and customers from the first demo, through installation, onboarding and workshops to the support of app development projects realized with the Neptune DX Platform. He has a love for webinars, energy drinks and good cooking.


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