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FOCUS: Application Building Bocks

Neptune Software's leading low-code, SAP-centric, enterprise app development platform - Neptune DXP - embraces the use of application building blocks. This method centers around the concept of using modular, ready-made components to facilitate rapid application development.

See in our video demo how app scaling can be done easily with low-code/no-code and Neptune DXP. We start with one application building block, then adapt and configure it to build your desired enterprise application.

In 6 quick steps, we show you the benefits and easy use of application building blocks to build your own enterprise apps.

We will download our 'Delivery App' as a template which is one application building block. We will make changes to the UI, define and populate independent database tables, generate the APIs, integrate these with the app and then build two adaptive apps to manage one of the tables.


Discover how to use application building blocks in your enterprise app development. 







What you can take away from this session

Easy UI changes without losing your previous app development efforts (bindings and events can be preserved)

How quickly you can generate APIs and integrate them within an application

How adaptive apps can be created and used as part of a larger process

Meet your low-code app development expert

Lloyd Trevarthen

Go-To-Market Specialist for Neptune Software

Lloyd brings a fresh mindset to the world of no-code/low-code app development, striving to help empower users with the best functionality and user experience, across everything he develops. As part of Neptune Software’s global Go-To-Market team, he enjoys working with the developer community and inspiring other tech-minded people to reach their common goals.

Lloyd always brings a positive, light-hearted attitude to the table - and even if you might just see him behind a computer screen, you can also find him dancing the night away to some drum and bass music at summer festivals!

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